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Welcome to the Malta Chronicle. This blog has been specially created as an open forum to discuss the forthcoming national elections in Malta. The safest guess for an election date seems to be March 2008 and in the next few months we hope to generate a lively, mature discussion about the various campaigns. There is no strict agenda on this site and contribution is open. All you need is to have a WORDPRESS registration to be able to post. As soon as you have a wordpress i.d. please inform us through the comments or by sending an email to one of the administrators and you will be added.


All kinds of posts will be accepted – from references pointing out newspaper articles, to opinion posts to pointers to other sites. You can also post links to YOUTUBE videos relating to the campaign. We have one request to make to any person posting. All posts should be signed AT THE END OF THE TEXT and a bracketed indication of the poster’s political orientation should be added. eg. Jacques René Zammit (Liberal) or Gakbu Sghendo (MLP).


The Chronicle will try not to censure censor any posts so long as they do not contain any libellous or offensive material. We are aware that certain opinions might be controversial but most times it will be hoped that the spirit of discussion and constructive criticism will prevail. All posters on the Chronicle will assume absolute responsibility for the content of their particular post.


The Chronicle will also try to keep a constantly updated roll of links to various political pages. Your contribution in this field is welcome – do point out any candidate / organisation site related to the elections. Both personal blogs and personal websites will be included in this list.


We hope that the discussion on the Chronicle will veer away from the “We Are Right and You Are Wrong” approach that holds political exchanges in Malta at ransom. We count on you to help us make this change.


Finally a note on language. For reasons of expediency posting in both English and Maltese will be allowed. Please refrain from entering into the language question.

Thank you for your attention.

The Chronicle Administrators

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