Don’t Believe the Hype*

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The Times Editorial warns the electorate that this is the time of party-spinning. It is up to the educated voter to seperate the myth from the truth:

Party strategists and spin doctors will be at their best – or at their worst, depending on how one looks at it – dishing out promises, unveiling big plans and doing their utmost to put the other side in a spot at best or throw mud at worst. That will continue even if both parties – and the others too, for that matter – know that the electorate, in general, is not as gullible as it used to be in the past. Hence, their job of trying to persuade the electorate to return either one or the other to power is no mean feat.

In the meantime myth-generation was in full swing over the weekend. J’accuse has already tackled the PN conference in Top (Electoral) Gear (see below). On the MLP camp, the highlight of Sant’s weekend speech seems to have been that the MLP “Believes in Gozo”. J’accuse cannot stop repeating that any statement “I believe in” is not valid unless the act is one of faith. You can believe in God because God it requires a leap of faith – there is no immediate physical proof of his existence. You cannot, as Brother Mifsud used to drum into our heads at SAC, believe in things like the sun, the moon and the stars because they are there. They already exist.

And Doctor Sant should meet Brother Mifsud for a lesson or two in belief – and we are not referring to the unkind cross-kissing comments either. Don’t we all believe in Gozo? What is MLP planning to do exactly? They tell us that they believe it is a region. We don’t need MLP for that – it is already considered a region for many national purposes and now even under EU rules. Sant tells us that he has a plan. Well tell us what it is then. What special plan is there for Gozo? What will MLP do that the PN or AD won’t? Why should the average Gozitan vote PN?

We’re waiting Dr Sant.

Jacques René Zammit

(liberal/christian democrat)

*original article in J’accuse

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