Altered Statesmen

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Altered statesmen is an extremely interesting documentary. The programme takes a look at a number of world leaders who had some serious drink, drug or some other problem. Austin Gatt made reference to it in his speech at the PN’s conference last week.

Austin Gatt is an extremely arrogant man, but at the same time, he should have thought twice before mentioning the documentary. By mentioning that Sant should be on this programme, he seemed to be equating Sant with men such as John F. Kennedy, Boris Yeltsin, Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. Yes they did have problems; but nonetheless they remain greatly admired people. Unlike Sant. Also at best Sant can only be described as a politician, and not a statesman.


Out of all five statesmen, Sant mostly resembles Sir Anthony Eden – by far one of the least successful British Prime Minister, and like Dr. Sant, a prime minister who only managed less than two years in office.

Unlike Sant though, he knew exactly when the time was right to leave office.


Andre (liberal-left)