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Can you pass the Cornflakes? Thanks. And the milk. Mmm, this coffee’s good. Let’s have a quick look at the papers. Not much time to waste, the traffic’s awful these days. Ok, a little peek at The Times. Oh, there’s Alfred Sant’s PR column. Surprise, surprise! What’s he complaining about this time? He’s called his piece Prokoviev. But it’s about Smart City. Labour will do things differently. The people want change. Yes, another Bidu Gdid. Ah! Simon Busuttil on page 5. Interesting, interesting. Dear Dr. Busuttil, my daughter wants to study at Glasgow University. Is she entitled to her stipend? Thanks in advance Simon, and keep up the good work. You are truly a beacon of light in this dark and cynical world. A quick look at the letters to the editor before flipping to Talking Point on the back page. Feel-good Francis Zammit Dimech has done it again. Notte Bianca was exceptional this year! We should be proud of our nation, proud of our culture, proud of our cuisine, proud of our talented musicians, proud of our history, proud of Michael Mifsud scoring two goals for Coventry in the Carling Cup, proud of our heritage, proud of our ‘artistes’, proud of our hot dog stands and proud of our system of governance! Did I mention that it’s been an eventful year? Bin The Times, it’s time to leaf through The Independent. David Casa tells us that we’re Closer to Reform. Thanks to the Nationalist Party’s vision and Lawrence Gonzi’s steady hand on the tiller. The EU’s got something to do with it too. You can’t trust Doctor Sant. What has Sant done for the good of this country? Nada. Sewwa qallu Austin Gatt: inti loser u chicken. But he won’t say that in this piece. After all Dave’s targeting the ABC1 voters – you know, the ones who think and reflect. Yes, that’s why he wrote his article. To inform you, dear reader of The Malta Independent. And look who’s also sharing his thoughts with us today! If Casa occupies the Tuesday slot, you need a Labour ‘exponent’ to balance things out. Oh no, it’s Leo Brincat talking about Body Language. Whose body language? Sant’s and Gonzi’s of course. And Sant’s is better. Shame on the PN for launching their wig campaign on our leader! Labour has always practiced clean politics. Yes we have. And it goes on and on. Evarist Bartolo with his reasonable, middle class political discourse in Malta Today and The Sunday Times (pity about the Kenneth Wain threat though). Michael Falzon and Cali Mangion, id-Deputati Mexxejja, with their archaic English and ‘Labour cares’ articles in The Independent. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, the voice of conservative reason in Illum. Reformed Joseph Muscat still trying to prove that Change Starts With Him through his vaguely cosmopolitan slot in The Times. And Gavin Gulia’s got a foot in The Independent’s door too. And don’t forget forget Charlò Bonnici –  prospective PN candidate for the 11th district who informs you through the pages of The Sunday Times that “When Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi addresses Nationalist Party councillors gathered for the party’s general council today, he will be more than justified to look back at the last three years with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Any decent person would admit that Dr Gonzi’s administration has delivered the goods”. Yes Charlo’, anyone who doesn’t is indecent. La pensee unique, right? Then you’ve got the Wenzu Mintoffs and the Toni Abelas, the Joe Brincats and the Berta Sullivans. And relaxed Harry. But you can’t be too harsh on him for trying to keep up with the Mangions and the Zammit Dimechs. No NET, No Super One, No Party. Political spiel morning, day and night. (And we haven’t even mentioned Il-Mument and Kullhadd, In-Nazzjon and L-Orizzont. And It-Torca). Politics from the horse’s mouth 24/7. Independent newspapers turned into campaign billboards for the political class, week in week out. The sound of politicians, ex-politicians and party apparatchiks thinking for you. About EVERYTHING. Anything that’s worth something must go through the political crusher: Eurovision singers and dancers, Coventry city strikers and local businessmen. Political cannibalism at its best. Opinion as propaganda. The constant dull throb of columnist-politicians and columnist-apparatchiks CRYING OUT FOR ATTENTION. I write a column, therefore I am (especially if I put a little friendly photo at the top). Portrait of the politician as opinion writer. Look at us! We’re everywhere! We care, we will bring about change, we have delivered, the other guys don’t even have a clue, we know what’s good for you, we’re still here and always will be. Sant can’t be trusted (and didn’t kiss the cross). Gonzi’s a liar (and can’t take a joke). The Nationalists are arrogant. Labour can’t govern. This is our message of hope. The Good News. Follow us into the Promised Land. Life as eternal election campaign.

And we’re still hooked.

David Friggieri (liberal)

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