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         I’m wondering why the political party which thought it fit to invite Michael Mifsud to its conference in order to celebrate Maltese excellence, didn’t deem it fit to name 10 colleges after Maltese people who did excel. Instead that same party opted for 8 non-Maltese saints, one Maltese saint and the other named after Gozo (lest we forget the sister island, which according to Maltastar has “special” rather than different needs).

         Mentioning the family always gives additional political points. Alfred Sant reminds us ad nauseam that his party is here for the family, and Gonzi’s budget will be designed for the family.

         The NECC has been promising that the Euro changeover shouldn’t lead to an increase in prices – they went on to set up a helpline, and booklets, and they even promised calculators. But yet prices went up anyway. Most shops changed prices before the dual pricing was in place back in July. Calling the helpline is equally useless; you’d be answered by some bimbo who promises to do something but in reality has no power to actually do anything. Was all this “fair” rubbish just another way of scoring political points?

         Francis Zammit Dimech felt honoured to receive a text message, after a Notte Bianca thanking him for “changing our way of life”. If you want to know how NOT to pat yourself on the back, read his column on the Sunday Times.

         In a letter to the Times of Malta, Edward Fenech summed up what probably almost everyone in Malta has been saying for the past few years or so; “Let us commit to the battle of ideas, not the vilification of each other”. Once again, I repeat what I must have said a thousand times before – it’s about time that politicians mature and adopt a more adult way of doing politics, rather than their current playground politics. This is 2007 not 1977!

Andre (Liberal-Left)

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