Gozo still tops the Agenda (not)

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Worried that we were a bit too demanding of politicians when we said that they should come up with something better for Gozo than declarations of eternal love and undying affection? Here’s what Dr Sant had to say at a “political activity” in Gozo (from di-ve, my highlights):

Gozo was, is and will remain at the core of the Malta Labour Party’s policies, Opposition leader Alfred Sant said during a party activity on Tuesday. The MLP leader claimed that, even though the PN Government enjoys a majority in Gozo, it has ignored its people. Dr. Sant added that capital expenditure in the island has decreased, unemployment has risen, services have been reduced, whilst tourism and the industry are not given their due consideration. He went on to say that the MLP would give importance to Gozo, not only when there is an imminent general election. “Unfortunately, many youths are not finding employment in Gozo and when they look for a job in Malta they have to face several difficulties. There are various who end up looking for a job outside the country,” Dr. Sant further said. The MLP leader pointed out that the country is not generating enough full time employment and many people are ending up with a part-time job as their main source of income. “The Labour Party renews its commitment for a continuous strategy for Gozo in order to generate employment opportunities, not just on the eve of an election,” said Dr. Sant.

The sum total of pre-electoral strategies for Gozitans seems to be the “creation of employment” in Gozo – read between the lines: we will invent new work in Gozo and transfer more civil servants to the island in order to “generate” work in the first year of our mandate, we will downsize in the next four and then we will promise new interesting employment in time for the next election. All this while conniving with MEPA to invent new threats to Gozo’s landscape, completely bungling the ferry monopoly between Malta and Gozo, etc etc

Ah well, so long as we start our speeches with “Huti Maltin u Ghawdxin“…

 Jacques René Zammit [Liberal – Christian Democrat]

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