The Star Loses The Plot

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Maltastar and Maltarightnow are not exactly the epitome of journalism. At least we all know that they are only there to blow their respective party’s trumpet and that we should therefore take everything they say with more than a pinch of salt. Maltastar reaches new levels of hopeful spinning in their article about Alfred Sant’s latest speech. One of the points Maltastar tries to create (note: subject for new post: news is not reported by party media but made) is the latest “rift” in the nationalist party. Here’s the succulent bit:

PN internal rifts

It being kept in mind that PN leader Lawrence Gonzi is not only facing the Labour Party and Dr. Alfred Sant in the course of the current elections campaign, but also, at least, a two-way rift within the PN, concurrently led by John Dalli and Josie Muscat. The scheduling of the budget presentation was such as to create a scenario where a snap December election would have been possible. However, the immediate onslaught by the Labour side makes this rather unlikely, though theoretically still possible.

It being kept in mind indeed. One cannot help but wonder whether “maltastar team” includes the Dame herself. What is most intriguing, apart from the grammar (which is, to quote the author, “unlikely, though theoretically still possible”) is the attributed leadership of the internal rift within the PN. John Dalli? Ok. The guy could be doing his ratty leadership bids behind the scenes so nothing wrong in that. But Josie Muscat? Josie effing Muscat? Isn’t that the same guy who has A NEW PARTY? Isn’t he the guy behind the ANR? How could he be running a new party and preparing a rift in the old one at the same time?

The eagerness to spin is incredible, pity that the attention to the facts underlying the spin remains absolutely terrible.

Jacques René Zammit [Liberal – Christian Democrat]

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