It’s not you, it’s your party

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Some of Gonzi’s policies have set me back on a personal level; and these set backs are set backs I consider to be major; and yes come election time, I can’t bring myself to vote for him. But I can’t even bring myself to vote for the Leader of the Opposition. The electorate has rejected time and time again; and yet he doesn’t seem to get the message.

That Gonzi is a gentleman, I had no doubt. I may not like his politics – but there’s really no contest between him and Dr Sant.

From The Times of Malta;

“Dr Gonzi also makes it clear that he intends reshuffling his Cabinet – after the next election. He says there will be changes in the make-up and set-up of those elected on behalf of the Nationalist Party.”

Does that mean that we might not see Tonio Borg, Francis Zammit Dimech, Austin Gatt and the weird parliamentary secretary in charge of the Armed Foces occupying the front benches again? Some of us are keeping our fingers crossed.

In the same interview;

Dr Gonzi says he disapproves of Dr Gatt’s statement and confirms that he has spoken to the minister about the matter.

“I’ve highlighted to ministers, parliamentary secretaries and MPs that we don’t need to deviate from our issues – good policies speak for themselves.

“I personally never agreed with that type of approach and it doesn’t get us anywhere. Politics is in itself a powerful tool to work for the common good.”


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Andre (Liberal-Left)

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