The Natural Party of Opposition?

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From a party which tried to keep us out of Europe, the Labour Party has evolved into a party which without any consultation with its members will be giving us the full Europe; reform treaty and all.

 The problem with Alfred Sant is that people don’t really know where he stands – is he for Europe or is he against Europe? Is he in favour or against divorce? Does he want his party to move towards the authoritarian left or the liberal left? Is he left-wing or right-wing? Does he believe that policy should be dictated from the party, or is he the one who has the sole right to dictate policy – more importantly – is it a party or a one-man show?

Looking at the Labour Party there are many people who I believe are capable enough not only to lead the party; but also to reform the party, and breathe into the party a new lease of life, restoring it’s credibility with the public, and maybe even keeping the PN in opposition for a number of years. But such people seem to be reluctant to take the limelight – and who could blame them? Sant has turned the MLP from a credible party into the natural party of opposition.

Andre (Liberal-Left)

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