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The Malta Chronicle has made page two of the Malta Independent on Sunday, literally. Noel Grima brought together a full page article entitled “The Campaign in the Blogs” (see pdf link below). First of all thanks to David for pointing it out first and thanks to Rupert for scanning and sending the article. The article only appeared in the printed version and no electronic version was available.

Here at TMC we are quite happy to have been brought to the attention of the general MSM public and we hope that this will add to the number of potential contributors. A few points deserve a mention though:

1. Given that the whole article was cut and pasted (and in some parts translated, much to the chagrin of Mr Vella/minipub) from The Malta Chronicle, it is a pity that at no point in the article is there an attribution to the website and its address.

2. Also, given (again) that the whole cut and paste business involved solely and uniquely The Malta Chronicle, it is a bigger pity that the title and the intro sentence seem to imply that the article is a general overview from “different weblogs” (sic). Not.

TMC will be writing a letter to TMIS pointing out these deficiencies while thanking Noel Grima for the publicity.


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