100 Promises for the Grand Harbour Region

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It’s incredible. Doctor Alfred Sant has promised that a Labour government has 100 projects ready up its sleeve for the Grand Harbour Region. These projects will be up and running by 2020 if the Labour government gets elected. There’s the usual bit about promenades and walkways, probably a few restaurants and then there is some Maritime facility for boats (duh). All you have to do ladies and gentlemen is to mark an x – no sorry – mark a 1, next to your Labour candidate of choice and once they are in the driving seat the dream ride will begin.

It’s so the in your face electioneering that we are used to that I feel a fool criticising it. The thing is that the more time passes the more this is what we expect from our politicians. A boxful of promises – and in Sant’s case … numbers. Yep, because the Harvard Grad is a whiz kid with his numbers. Come Local Election time and he will be shooting percentages at your sorry backside until you bend to the power of numerology. Now there’s the new stunt. So the Nationalists are parading some new plans for the Harbour area? So the nationalists want to rebuild the breakwater bridge? I’ll give you them… and a hundred more.

Is this playground politics or what? Did his honourable leaderness of the oppositions have to wait for the PN plans to come up with this. My dad has a car. So does mine. Yeah but mine has a bigger car than yours. Mine has two cars. Mine has a gazillion… and I said it first so I win. Jeezus. They insult your intelligence daily. They are prepared to dazzle you with words, waving their hands around and speaking behind the phallic microphone of power. They will stare at the camera and tell you of all the things they will do if you trust them with the vote. They will throw so much of the proverbial taurine faeces around that you will forget that what you really need is a sane government to cushion you from a perilous international economic environment, that what you need is a reasonable transport system, an efficient health service and normality… away from the madenning crowd of vote phishers.

I am not sure whether you can understand what I mean. It’s so frustrating that it’s difficult to write about. After all it’s a losing battle. He can promise you a hundred wonders… all I can do… is remind you to open your eyes and vote with your brain and not with your heart.

Jacques René Zammit – Liberal/Christian Democrat

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