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David sent me an email this week on the day Maltatoday’s midweek edition went online. The ex-blogger in Brussels pointed out that Saviour Balzan’s editorial seemed to have been very very inspired by two posts in the TMC – one by me and one by David. It is not always easy to understand whether David is taking the mickey or serious, or whether he is hiding a serious statement behind what seems to be a wisecrack remark. A bit like Joe Mizzi’s justification of the “something fishy” business but a bit more erudite.

David wondered whether Saviour’s editorial reflected a trend of journalists and opinionists reaping what bloggers like us sow. Here we had an editorial that could very well be a collage of past posts in TMC and yes, it does make you raise a suspicious eyebrow or two. On the other hand you have to concede that the subject matter was there for the taking and it would not be such a big coincidence is Salvu chose the same stuff to write about. In my article on tomorrow’s Sunday’s Times (already submitted) I mention the childish quibbling of the parties – were it not for the fact that it is still unpublished I would suspect that the cartoon accompanying Salvu’s editorial was inspired by my article.

So I am not sure. What is sure is that TMC is getting read and used. Noel Grima has used it on two consecutive Sundays to show people what is being said about the elections on the internet. We only complained when no attribution was given. Otherwise, whenever Noel Grima or Saviour Balzan should decide to be inspired by, or use blog material we can only be glad. Isn’t this what the blogging generation wanted? To be able to engage in the discussion about what’s going on and possibly influence it?

We (including myself) may be once again guilty of falling to the navel-gazing trap and instead of being glad and gearing up for this positive engagement we might inexplicably choose to complain and trump up charges of plagiarism and use of OUR material to stuff THEIR pages. Which would be really the wrong way to go.

TMC has broken a new barrier and this was long overdue. What we need is more material and to cross our fingers to hope that it too will attract the attention of an editor needing to fill some space on his paper. So long as they give out the address….

Jacques René Zammit – Liberal/Christian Democrat

*Image: Maltatoday (midweek) Editorial 28/11/2008

P.S. David, don’t you think that the bottom left corner of the cartoon looks like a computer keyboard? An implied admission of the source of ispiration? 😉