Engaging the Electorate

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There’s a new page that’s turned on Facebook. It’s a group called “FACE THE CANDIDATES (PN MALTA)“. A number of candidates have joined together and opened this group on facebook “as to act as a discussion board for all people who shall be voting during the next General Elections to be held later on during the year in Malta.” The blurb continues “In this group PN candidates wish to participate in discussions that anyone might like to bring up. This should give a brilliant opportunity to one and all to face the candidates online and give your own ideas.”

Until now there is an interesting thread on Asylum Seekers – still in its early stages – where candidate Cardona Gatt answers a number of questions by user Matthew Pulis. The candidates have not really got much to engage with at this point but it is surely a positive start.

Aside from this, George Pullicino’s reply to Joe Sant in today’s Independent also merits a mention. I am not well versed in the matter under discussion but if George has his facts right, he surely has gone and rubbished Sant’s article. Rubbished, collected and recycled in his favour I would say. George should join the Facebook group too… either that or reform his diarish blog!

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