Bang! Bang! They Vote Him Down

Posted on February 6, 2008 by



Cometh the election, cometh the hunter. What has finally become an endangered species of its own right still numbers 17,816 voters of its own. Or at least that is what the Hunter’s Federation claimed today. Now we do get the feeling that public interest in the number of hunters is mostly based on the hope that such number begins to dwindle in proportional amount to the increase in the number of visiting wingèd beasts all year round. We all know however that the reason for this sudden flurry of statistical activity by the hunters’ lobby is to corrupt the incorruptible politicians vying for a place in the parliament. The HF went so far as to break down its membership district by district announcing that Gozo is its strongest hold with around 3,000 votes.

The hunters have laid down their trap and are now whistling through their whistles trying to attract their victims using the only bait they can think of. The whistle is supposed to lure those fat birds used to opportunistically pander to their needs in times of vote grabbing battles. In doing so the fat birds also tend to ignore the fact that when asked the question, close to 90% of the electorate (Times Sample) felt that the government should stop spring hunting without waiting for a definite no-no from the EU.

But that is the problem isn’t it. The antics and delay tactics of the present government, the enigmatic promises of the potential government in opposition and the charade of derogation that has gone on until now only serve to give the 17,000 hunters hope. They still think that they can shake the electorate with the rattle of a gun and the daubing of some paint here and there. When they are really called to make their vote count in their own name they cannot go beyond the measly 3,000 votes (see EP elections). We get that. Most people get that. Do the MLPN get that? The dragging and shuffling of feet and hiding behind the Commission’s back does not point in that direction.

Methinks that every budding MP has his kacca gear hidden somewhere in the back of his closet… just in case it has to make a token appearance to grasp for those last few votes. In the meantime the job of introducing proper environmental measures that stop irresponsible hunting is left to intelligent voters who use their vote wisely… as in the case of joining the EU – voting in the right institutions, and in some cases representatives, who can be trusted to do the job that has been long left on the back burner.

One question I have is… do the hunters see the MLP as a solution to their woes? If so why? Has MLP promised them a return to better hunting days? It’s a genuine question. I need info as to whether MLP has a concrete policy on hunting. Preferably without references to PN. We know where PN stand. It’s somewhere between an EU Commissioner’s back and the bench of judges at the ECJ. What we need to know is where MLP stand on this one. Pronto.

Jacques René Zammit

Liberal / Christian-Democrat