The Great Labour Debate

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Have your say in the Coronation Debate

TMC Wants You

Who will we crown as Labour’s King (or Queen) – Have Your Say

The elections are over but The Malta Chronicle continues. The next prickly choice after 8th March will happen on the 5th of June. On that day the Malta Labour Party will elect a new leader and usher a new phase in our politics that are still dominated by two big parties. The Malta Chronicle is prepared to shift the subject of the debate to the new leadership campaign. It is a public issue because it not only determines the fate and future of one party but that of the opposition and consequently of the well-being of our politics as a whole.

Do you have an opinion about the issue? Are you interested in submitting a short piece for the Chronicle? There are two ways to do so. Either create a wordpress profile and send an email to “jacques dot zammit at gmail dot com” (punctuation suppressed to avoid spamming) and specify which email address you used to create the profile. You will be added as a contributor and you will be able to submit your own posts.

Alternatively just send your article to the above address and it will be published. Signed articles are preferred though no prohibition exists against anonymous contributions.

In the meantime we take the liberty to signal two other blogs that are discussing the issue at the moment:

The offer is open. It’s up to you now.