Chronicling the Press (1)

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The Press

A selection of articles dealing with the Labour Leadership Campaign:

Towards electing a prospective PM – Leo Brincat (TMI)

Spin and an Abela-Muscat Winning Tandem – Lino Spiteri (TOM)

Eyes on Labour – Editorial (STOM)

No More Secrets – Claire Bonello (STOM)

Incredible? Well, say remarkable – Lino Spiteri (STOM)

A strange paradox – Alfred Mifsud (TMIS)

J’accuse: The Sound of Silence – Jacques René Zammit (TMIS)

Breaking News – MLP Leadership Election Open to all Paid Up Members – (TOM)

Spotlight on the Issues

Post-Election Issues that are in the limelight

Category 1: Obligatory (There’s no escaping this one)

(1) Casual elections – The process for electing the remaining members of parliament

(2) Speaker of the House – PM to decide who will be next speaker (see Carabott on TMI)

(3) Leader of the Opposition – President to appoint leader of the Opposition before parliament’s first sitting

(4) MLP Leader – Labour party to elect its leader on June 5th

(5) AD Leader – AD also expected to resolve the issue of chairmanship in the coming months

Category 2: At the mercy of the politicians

(1) Electoral reform – a solution for the “wasted vote” that guarantees a representative parliament while ensuring a stable governance

(2) The Neutrality Clauses – following PfP debate and action is expected with regards to these constitutional clauses

Category 3: Waiting for a report

(1) JPO – the JPO issue remains high on the agenda due to its possible repercussions vis-a-vis the slim parliamentary majority of the PN. In any case and whatever the outcome of the reports and investigations JPO is under no obligation to relenquish his seat in parliament.

(2) MLP – Analysis of Electoral Result. There is less hope of this report ever seeing the light.

(3) Mistra – the issue of what went on in Mistra can have a life of its own independently of the fate of JPO. What repercussions for MEPA reform to be undertaken by PM?