About Elezzjoni2008


Elezzjoni2008 is a site created by Mark Vella and Jacques René Zammit in the run up to the Maltese National Elections which are expected to be held in early 2008. The idea was originally to create a meeting and blogging place for bloggers interested in commenting the Electoral Campaign in their own way. Unlike the MSM (mainstream media), space for writing on the blog does not come at a premium.

The name chosen for this site during this campaign is “The Malta Chronicle” (TMC). The name remains, topics change. The new project for The Malta Chronicle is to become a forum for articles related to the Maltese political scene.

TMC does not have limits on political orientation or bias. Any person, from whatever part of political spectrum is invited to become a regular contributor to these pages.* TMC does not have strict rules but it does have guidelines:

1. Posts must be signed with the name of the author followed by a bracketed declaration of political orientation. The latter does not need to be the name of a party and can be the name of a political philosophy espoused by the person posting.

2. Content is not censored unless the wording exceeds the limits of decency and is blatantly libellous. TMC is an open platform and all posts are protected by a Creative Commons License (see main page). Ownership of the various posts will remain exclusive to the respective authors and consequently accepting to post on TMC includes an acceptance to carry any liability for anything written.

3. Posting can be in English or in Maltese.

*Should you want to become a contributor to TMC please send an email to feedback dot jrz at gmail dot com with TMC in the subject line.

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  1. On the blogroll:

    1. Jes Mugliett’s site gets quoted twice enven though only one carriageway of Manwel Dimech Bridge is open.

    2. John Dalli’s dead. That “‘s” is the possessive not the contraction of “is”.

    3. Here’s two more:

    Victor Galea (http://www.victorgalea.com/)
    Charles Buhagiar (http://www.peritcharlesbuhagiar.com/)

  2. Another one:

    Joe Cassar MP (http://www.joecassar.com.mt)

  3. More from the current list of sitting Labour MPs:

    Evarist Bartolo (http://evaristbartolo.com)
    Justyne Caruana (http://justynecaruana.com)
    Karl Chircop (http://karlchircop.com)
    Noel Farrugia (http://noelfarrugia.com)
    Gavin Gulia (http://www.gavingulia.com)
    Charles Mangion (http://www.mangioncharles.com)

  4. And the Nationalists:

    Robert Arrigo (http://www.arrigorobert.com/)
    Tonio Fenech (http://toniofenech.com/)
    Michael Gonzi (http://www.michaelgonzi.com/)
    Edwin Vassallo (http://www.edwinvassallo.com/)

  5. Two more:

    Lawrence Gonzi (www.lawrencegonzi.info)
    Clyde Puli (www.clydepuli.net)


  6. Pomengranate

    February 8, 2008

  7. 🙂


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