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Fear and Loathing in Hamrun

February 5, 2008


Emotions are running high down at Mile End, Hamrun. Labour folk are in superb spirits. That marathon man of European politics, Alfred Sant, made yet another remarkable comeback and was given a hero’s welcome by the ecstatic crowd over at the glass house., that unseemly mix of fawning propaganda and tits and bum gossip […]

La Corrida

December 26, 2007


HUMBUG: deceptive misrepresentation, short of lying, especially by pretentious word or deed, of somebody’s own thoughts, feelings, or attitudes (Max Black, The Prevelance of Humbug) The week running up to Christmas is always rich in bullshit. Everyone’s got a message to pass on, in particular national leaders and editors of local newspapers. And those lofty messages generally centre around the words ‘materialism’ […]

The Private Lives of Public Figures

December 17, 2007


Perhaps one of the more decent features of the Maltese political circus is that the protagonists’ private lives are considered nearly sacred by direct adversaries and journalists alike. Muck-raking has never been a particularly pleasant sight to behold. It’s the sort of full-time journalistic British pastime which we can certainly do without. Even all that psycho-babble […]

Would we invent them?

November 6, 2007


Timothy Garton Ash, the UK’s answer to Ranier Fsadni (in style) and Salvu Balzan (in beard), came up with a piece called If our political parties did not exist, would we ever need to invent them? The hairy opinion columnist kicks off his article by congratulating the Poles for booting out ultra-conservative Lech Kaczynski and for dealing a severe […]

Life is Elsewhere

October 10, 2007


Can you pass the Cornflakes? Thanks. And the milk. Mmm, this coffee’s good. Let’s have a quick look at the papers. Not much time to waste, the traffic’s awful these days. Ok, a little peek at The Times. Oh, there’s Alfred Sant’s PR column. Surprise, surprise! What’s he complaining about this time? He’s called his […]